When you ask your teacher
what happens when you
stop thinking, allow
no new thoughts
what you expect him
to tell you?

The dead have no thoughts
but that is not the door
to Nirvana.

But if thoughts abandon you
without your effort, without
being asked to do so,
then the door you seek
will open before you.

A reflection on case 19 of the Book of Equanimity 従容錄, Shōyōroku

2 thoughts on “UMMON’S MOUNT SUMERU

  1. I have been glad to see you posting here. I worried you were hit by Hurricane Ian. If it missed you, gratitude!

  2. We had somw wind and rain, but nothing by comparison with the west coast of Florida. And I actually load this blog for the upcoming month toward the end of the present month and my bird blog on Saturdays for the coming week.

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