She sends us a map

showing on which tribe’s land

we are now living.

This is not something

we have thought about,

not something we want

to think about, for that

would demand that we

are the usurpers, the horde

whose pogrom was

ultimately successful,

and that is a face that

refuse to see in the

polished mirror of history.

3 thoughts on “LANDING

  1. Dear Lou, I’ve been thinking a lot about this topic. You read my mind. The effigy mounds I’ve been writing about are the tip of the iceberg. All of Madison was Ho-Chunk land.

  2. Mmm… it is said literature is the mirror of the society. And so it is here… acts of tribalism, hatred and animosity, geographical wrangles and dictatorship are penned in a single jot. Such a great write, aimed at instigating change through critique. Blessings.

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