He pretty much hated the outdoors
camping was a wholly alien concept
in parks for places for at best
a short visit, a picnic lunch
and then back in the car and home.
He was not even a fan of the parts
in the heart of the city, for they
drew crowds and he did not
like to be around other people.
He wanted solitude, he wanted
to be in his own company and not
that of others, at least not more
than one or two others at a time.
So he remained in his home,
relished the quiet, but when he
found he could not sleep, he would
play one of the CDs he bought
which provided over an hour
of the sounds of nature, rainfall,
leaves rustling, a stream, the sort
of things you find in a large park

One thought on “WITHOUT

  1. Modern city living’s irony

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