I read a poem
today, about a cat
and it reminded me,
actually the memory
of my last cat came to mind,
that cats
have an innate sense
of people, that people
utterly lack.
It may be that cats
are completely unfooled
by the masks we wear,
or simply that
they could care less
how we see ourselves,
and only measure us
by what we offer them.
In that sense, of course,
they are people, too.

One thought on “NOW LISTEN UP

  1. I think this is true. Our cat Pinto is very skidding. In fact, there are only three people she trusts besides husband and I. We’ve owned her since she was 10 months– a rescue that was thrown out of a car. The three people she attached to were all male. The first is my step-son who is 24 and exceptionally loud and boisterous. He doesn’t even like cats but I know he has a good soul. Whenever Hank comes over for a bit, Pinto makes an appearance when she otherwise would not.

    The second was the member of an industrial band out of Detroit– a friend of my daughter’s whom I barely know. Apparently Pinto slipped into his guest bed one night and walked all over his face showing her butt. This is just craziness.

    The last is John– a friend of ours who also doesn’t like cats. He too his loud and obnoxious.

    What the hell is up with this cat?

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