UMMON’S FEAST         鐵笛倒吹

Sitting in the deep well of silence
feel the old patriarchs
dancing on top of your head,
look down under the weight
of their wisdom., to the earth
and stare deeply into their eyes.

But how will you go make a feast
for the never sated gods?
Lie on the earth, breathe
deeply of the incense
and care less than nothing.



 Look deeply through
the back of your eyes,
it is there to be found.
If you find it, do not
ask your teacher to name it.

The journey home is lifelong
taking only a moment
but in entering your house
do you usually ask
who lives here?

JIMYO’S SUMMARY         鐵笛倒吹

 Rabbi Hillel
summarized all of Judaism
standing on one leg – how
will you do the same
for zen?

We are all made
of the stuff of stars
but can you
see the sun shining
in a clouded over sky?

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