My granddaughter is intensely
concerned with the growing loss
of species, and rightly so, and I
share her fears, though I feel
largely powerless to do anything.

She has the faith of youth, a belief
that she and her peers can,
with work, effect a lasting change,
climb up the slippery slope which
we have cast them down, and save
other species from a fate
nature never could have intended.

But she cannot fathom the losses
that I have seen, things I knew
rendered extinct by her generation,
and that of her parents, the cassette
player, the typewriter, carbon paper,
and stationery and a writing desk,
to name only a few, but at least
the haven’t outdated my Blackberry.

2 thoughts on “EXTINCTION

  1. Lou, I remember your granddaughter when you and Elaine would bring her in a stroller to the MAG gift shop! I applaud her concern, and appreciate your droll (if this the correct word) response. BTW, I believe you intended “stationery.” Peace, christina

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    • Thanks and good catch on the spelling. She is still engaged in activism at 23. At 7, on a Brownie trip to the Susan B. Anthony house, she suggested to the docent leading the tour, “In the future ypu might want to consider printing the song sheets on both sides of the paper to help save the environment.”

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