She says she was certain she exists
much as she is certain he exists as well.
He says she thinks she exists, and
thinks he does as well. Descartes, he says
was right, at least on that point.
She says no, it is obvious, thoughts
requires existence, sum ergo cogito,
she says, is how it must be
for thought requires a thinker.
He says a thinker requires a thought first,
for without that there is no thinker.
She says an egg doesn’t mean
a chicken will always emerge, but
the chicken will, if all goes well,
always yield an egg.
He says she puts the cart
before the horse, she replies that he
is an ass, hers is a donkey cart,
and she dangles a carrot
from a stick in front of him
as they move slowly down the road.

One thought on “ERGO SUM

  1. That’s brightened up my Saturday morning!

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