Our problem is one of blindness.
We are constantly seeking
for that which we have, that
which have no need of, that
which we think we need
but cannot be certain.

If we limited our blindness
to things life would be
simpler, but our blindness
carries over to our search
for enlightenment, for redemption,
for absolution, and we
fail to realize that we have
all of that already, if only
we would stop looking for them.

2 thoughts on “BLINDNESS

  1. Very profound and beautiful.

  2. Thanks. Blindness is something I am thinking about. The photo is a good representation of what I see with my right eye at 6 feet. The condition is progressive so eventually the central sight in that eye will be gone totally. And then I will just be Oculus Sinister looking for a land where all are blind so I can be king.

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