It was probably that moment
just after we sat down
at our new, huge or so
they seemed, desks
and the large person
in the front of the room
smiled at us and said
“I will teach you all
that you need to learn
this year so pay attention.”

Perhaps we stopped
thinking the year before
during kindergarten,
but I do think the first
day of first grade
truly marked the moment
of our mental subjugation.

One thought on “WHEN WE STOPPED

  1. Luckily, my primary school was all about art and expressing yourself. The downside was hat I didn’t have the Maths skills to get into Grammar School, but some tutoring by the headmaster sorted that, and off I went. I was doubly lucky, because the Grammar school was a delight for a bookish child who wrote poetry and argued all the time. My sons whoever, had your experience of school.

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