Under the compassionate
eye of the Bodhisattva
the cats
at Senso-ji Temple
curl around
the incense burners
on a cold December morning,
ignoring countless pigeons
hopping impatiently,
awaiting flocks
of school children
in neat uniforms
and rainbow backpacks,
each with a slice
or two
of stale bread.
The Buddha watches
with a gentle smile.

2 thoughts on “KANNON

  1. I’ve always felt drawn to Kannon.

  2. In our practice the most important teaching is the Heart Sutra (often called The Heart of Perfect Wisdom) which shares with all what Kannon (Avalokiteshvara) learned. It strikes me as the Buddhist analogue to the Jewish prayer the V’Achavtah, which outlines daily Jewish practice. It has seen me through many dark or nervous moments to be sure.

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