She asks the Rabbi what God looks like, and he has to admit he doesn’t know. She doesn’t know either, but she’s only three so she isn’t expected to know. She tells the Rabbi that he should find out. The Rabbi doesn’t tell her he is no longer certain where to look for God. She knows that beyond the clouds and behind the stars, at the very edge of the universe, that’s where God must be. Her daddy said there was a restaurant there. She doesn’t ask if it is Chinese or Indian. She thinks God’s favorite food is chickpeas. She is sure God also likes pineapple. She is going to have a baby brother soon. She wonders how soon he will talk and listen to her, because she has so much to teach him. She doesn’t know if God is a boy or a girl. She wanted to ask the Rabbi, but he didn’t know what God looks like. She wants to meet God one day, she thinks. It will probably be in an Indian restaurant. She is sure God likes the buffet. Especially the chickpeas.

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