Last week it was hers
but we felt it ours, and wondered
why her furniture, her life
was impinging on this “our-ness.”
Today it is ours and empty,
and it has a deep sense
of “whose-ness,” where we can
see how easily “ours-ness” might return.
Next week it will be our home
and we will impose our us-ness on it
and it will bend to our will
as we will bend to its,
in the marriage will be complete.


He is worried, he says
that we will be leaving on a full moon.
I remind him that he leaves
in two weeks, that this morning’s
half-moon will be gone then
replaced by its now absent other half.
He says it should be full if it’s half now
and half a month passes.
His statements seem logical enough
But the moon and stars have their own logic
and don’t care what we think,
that’s why I say, Luna never turns
her back on us so she’s always half unseen,
and she and the stars are willing to remind us
they were all gods and goddesses once
and could go back to that with very little warning.



Walking in the room you
cast your eyes about, looking
for something, although you
cannot say what it is
that you look for, and you
cannot believe you will
not find it, for you think
you will know what it is
only when you see it.
The person who sees
an empty room and knows
in that moment that it
is full, that person
has found his teacher
and has learned the lesson.
The empty cup is full
and the full cup empty,
so listen to the silence
and learn well what it says.