Good night, Sisyphus
try to get some sleep.
It’s been a long day
and you already know
the rock will await you
when you arise in the morning.
I suppose by now
you’ve come to realize
there is no percentage
in pissing off the Gods.
Think of this as a personal
re-education center
where right thinking
is the lesson of this
and every other day.
Did you really think
they would let you stand
in the middle of the Square
openly mocking
all of their edicts.
Sleep old fellow,
we have all the time
in the world, it is
one of the benefits
of immortality.


We lie on a hill
side by side, staring
up at the passing clouds,
discerning shapes, both
of us break into a smile,
each of us sees
a completely different sky.
After some time
I reach out and touch
her hand, our fingers
interlace, or perhaps
it is she who reached
out to me, fingers intertwined.
It doesn’t really matter
for once our hands
are joined we each smile
and stare upward and each
of us sees a different sky.