He sits still
demanding your attention.
He stares at you with green eyes
and a defiant look, saying
you are a visitor here,
this is our world
so do not abuse your privilege
of sharing this space with us.
We were here long
before you arrived
and our kind will
be here long after
you depart, although
we do not comprehend
why you always seem
to want to rush
yourself headlong
into extinction.


Jonah, what color
is the sun at dawn?
          Black as the night preceding it

Jonah, what is the odor
of spring?
          That of rotting rincinus

Jonah, what shall we say
to a crying baby?
          The gates of Ninevah will be open

Jonah, when God calls
how should we answer him?
          Call him sheol

Jonah, we are soon to die,
how shall we face it?
          Crawl into the belly of the beast