I saw a coyote that night
or more accurately, the coyote saw me
I saw a pair of orange orbs moving
closer and then farther away, then
another pair and then the howl
that announced they were done with me.
The bees no longer visit the flowers
in my yard, and unstung for weeks
I admit to missing them a bit,
but the sudden curse from my neighbor
down the block, tending her flowers
says that they haven’t gone all that far.
A coyote will willingly eat a rabbit,
and the rabbits on the mesa know this
and stay close to the sage bushes
once the moon chases off the sun.
I am told there are snakes
on the mesa as well, but I have
that only on faith, which is enough.
The fox in the park paused to acknowledge me
last week, and we both headed off
in opposite directions.