This isn’t my usual post. It’s the second of the day, and it’s a gentle self-promotion. Three of my poems have just appeared in Peacock Journal.   My work appears at this link:

I found Peacock Journal thanks to a dear friend (and marvelous writer) Anne Michael.

Her blog ( is a joy to read, and well worth the effort. We were fellow M.F.A. students over a decade ago and her work impressed me then and still does. 

I have stayed away from seeking to publish my work for a few years, focussing on completing my novel (if you know a good, hungry agent or publisher, do let me know). But seeing this Journal in which Anne appeared recently, got be back in the game. The blog comes first, but when you have been around as long as I, you have some material with which to work. 


There is never sufficient time
no matter how I adjust the clocks,
he said with a profound sadness.

What, she said, would happen
if you did not consult the clocks,
would there be time enough then?

But how would I know
if there were time enough
without clocks, he replied.

The cat watched this scene, perched
on the back of the chair, noting clocks
are how people punish themselves.